Un caso simile qui in Italia dalla Sicilia a Malta

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Un caso simile qui in Italia, dalla Sicilia a Malta
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Cruise liner with Covid-19 positive case denied entry to Malta

Story Published On June 7, 2021

A cruise liner which was on its way to Malta was denied entry to the country after a passenger on board tested positive to COVID-19.

The MSC Seaside cruise liner had left Siracuse in Sicily on the 1st June and was on its way to Malta as part of a six-day cruise in the Mediterranean. The case occurred on Monday when, for the first time in eleven months, Malta did not register any positive cases.

A spokeswoman for the health authorities confirmed that the cruise liner was on its way to Malta when a passenger on board fell sick. The spokeperson stated that, according to MSC established protocols and approved by the health authorities, the passenger was tested and resulted positive to the virus.

She added that the cruise liner resumed with its voyage without stopping in Malta.

According to MSC protocols, all passengers on board have to undergo the necessary Covid tests before boarding the vessel. They also have to prove that they are completely vaccinated.

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